White Paper

How Can Your Online Business Fend Off APTs?

With more and more companies conducting their core business operations in the cloud, APTs have begun to target websites and web applications as a "soft spot" in the security architecture.

Find out:

  • What are the methods and tactics used by APTs to pierce through your perimeter security
  • What are the dangers that APTS pose to your organization
  • How Incapsula prevents APTs from compromising your production environment


About Incapsula

Incapsula is a cloud-based application delivery service that protects websites and increases their performance, improving end user experiences and safeguarding web applications and their data from attack.

Incapsula includes a web application firewall to thwart hacking attempts, DDoS mitigation to ensure attacks don’t impact online business assets, a content delivery network to optimize and accelerate web traffic, and a load balancer to maximize the potential of web environments.